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Real Estate Agent Hancock County Mississippi

Hancock County, Mississippi is the first County in the State of MS. Hancock County was identified as after the United States Founding Father, John Hancock.

The location which includes what-is now Hancock County was claimed by France in 1699. Due to its accessibility to the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans specifically, by the 1870s Hancock County presented more superb housing per capita than every other County in the United States.

Bay St. Louis is the County Seat. The largest cities in Hancock County are comprised ofcontain Bay St. Louis, Waveland, Diamondhead, and Kiln.

Based on the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Hancock County in 2013 was 45,566. Hancock County gets the eighth highest income per capita in the State of Mississippi.

On April 7th, 1798, the United States Congress established the Mississippi Territory which included all the area that presently composes the States of Mississippi and Alabama.

Mississippi grew to bocome a State in December of 1817. The very first action of the Mississippi best real estate broker Hancock County Mississippi legislature was to incorporate the City of Bay St. Louis to become the Capital of the State. However, a couple of hours after Bay St. Louis was designated as the Capital of the Stae of Mississippi, a vote was enacted that designated Natchez as the Capital of Mississippi. 2 yrs later, the Capital was relocated to Jackson where it remains to be today.

A passenger railroad line was finished in 1870 between Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. Travelling time from New Orleans to Bay St. Louis now got a little over one hour. Commuter railway trains ran consistent daily schedules and by 1875, there had been 22 scheduled arrivals in Bay St. Louis.

Bay St. Louis in Hancock County rapidly became the prominent vacation destination on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Every Friday, during the summer months, hordes of New Orleanians traveled by train to visit The Bay for going swimming parties on the beach. By 1900 there had been at least 12hotels in Bay St. Louis and many were quite spacious.

Until 1930, Hancock County powered the biggest sawmill in the world that was located in Kiln, Mississippi. This sawmill produced a staggering 150,000 board ft. of yellow pine lumber per day.

An automotible drive along the length of the beautiful Beach Boulevard Scenic Byway is a fantastic adventure. Beach Boulevard was formerly known as Old Highway 1. Beach Boulevard runs parallel to the Hancock County coast for 13 miles from the northern end of Cedar Point in Bay St. Louis, and then crosses U.S. {Highway|Hwy| 90, and then proceeds through the Historic Section of Bay St. Louis and the coastal City of Waveland. Beach Boulevard terminates at the fishing village community of Bayou Cadet at the southern end of the Boulevard.

Beside Beach Boulevard you will pass Dunbar Pier. Dunbar Pier is one of the most popular piers in Hancock County. It stretches in to the Bay of St. Louis. Fisherman travel to the pier and its pavilion and delight in the breeze off of the bay and watch a large wide range of birds that scan sea water for seafood. This particular area is a shellfish nursery for shellfish that move into the Mississippi Sound and in to the Gulf of Mexico. The region around the Dunbar Pier is an excellent brackish water angling spot and an occasional habitat for dolphins.

Because of the routine supply of fish, birds are common at the Dunbar Pier. Birds fancy the Dunbar Pier location because of the mild Gulf breeze and gentle sea. And, the woodlands and wet swamp areas can be best realtor Hancock County MS found next to the Beach Boulevard Scenic Byway. Brown pelicans in particular are routine visitors to the Dunbar Pier {and they routinely nest|as they nest in this immediate area. In best Hancock County Mississippi real estate broker addition, blue herons and ibis regularly fish in both the open sea water as well as the marsh area.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Birding Trail commences at Cedar Point at the beginning of the Jourdan River. Tourists can fish and crab from the shoreline, or talk a walk onto the neighboring pier and view the water and the very abundant wild life. Cedar Point is a beloved locale for sailing as well as fishing.

Hancock County, MS is conveniently situated and is a one hour journey to New Orleans. Hancock County also offers some of the most delightful sugar white sandy beach fronts on the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast combined with access to a vast selection of great restaurants, outdoor destinations, and scenic byways and the exhilaration of two 24-hour nonstop casino gaming resorts in nearby Bay St. Louis.

Hancock County, MS has much to provide you with and the price of real property of every description is the most affordable along the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Regardless if you are planning to relocate with your loved ones or are looking for a quiet beach retreat, I want to assist you real estate Hancock County Mississippi with your home ownership investment in Hancock County, Mississippi and walk you through the time consuming procedures of looking for that special property.

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