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Gulfport MS Home Sales

History Of Gulfport Mississippi

Gulfport, Mississippi is a community positioned in Harrison County and is Mississippi’s gateway to world commerce.  It's the State’s major shipping location.  For more info. When Pierre LeMoyne D’Iberville came ashore at Ship Island in Feb of 1699 from the coastline of what's now Gulfport, he encountered the only natural deep-water channel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  This deep-water Harbor is currently the primary shipping and delivery terminal that processes bananas in to the U.S. By having a 2013 population of 71,013, Gulfport is the next largest city in MS behind Jackson which is the Mississippi State Capital.

Gulfport is known as to be one of the newer locales on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The community known as Gulfport was essentially developed from scratch in 1887 by the Directors of the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad.  This railroad is now part of the Illinois Central Railway system.   This early railroad was spearheaded by Confederate Army Captain W. H. Hardy.  Hardy was a futurist and chose what's now Gulfport as the best location to bring together Mississippi’s two greatest assets which are lush forests and the natural deep sea channel right at the coastline of Gulfport.

In the 1890’s, the railroad venture that W.H. Hardy helped create came across major financial challenges.  A previous Union Army Captain by the name of Joseph T. Jones who made a fortune in oil, rescued the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad. Gulfport MS Home Sales 125 years back, Captain Jones spent the unusual sum of $16 Mil to connect the railroad from Gulfport to the Mississippi State, Jackson.  Captain Jones simultaneously dredged the 12 mile deep water route that progressed to Ship Island to a depth of 26 feet.  He also designed the Gulfport Harbor infrastructure by building a pier that was 4500 foot long in to the Gulf.  This personal investment is nearly $1Billion in 2015 Dollars.

In 1898, Gulfport had become incorporated.  After Jones was promised that Gulfport would be declared the Harrison County Seat, Captain Jones built the Gulfport Union Railroad Traveler Terminal, a sizable workplace, and a commercial bank.  Captain Jones also built the Gulf Coast roadway which was the predecessor of U.S. Highway 90.  In addition, Captain Jones constructed a street car system, and a new electrical power plant as well as was one of the finest ‘grand’ hotels in the whole Southern U.S.  This hotel was town down in the 1950’s.
The first large commercial ships came into Gulfport Harbor in 1902 with a good deal community and regional fanfare.  Contact Kelly The timber market in Mississippi exploded.  From 1910 and 1913, Gulfport Harbor transferred more yellow pine than every other port in the entire world.

During that time frame, there were no less than 63 sawmill stops on the railroad line that connected Gulfport and Jackson, there were no less than 63 sawmill stops on the railroad line that linked Jackson and Gulfport, MS.  Several stops served several sawmills.  In the Gulfport Harbor, on a regular basis,  there were 25-30 ships that were loading yellow pine lumber or were waiting their turn to accept a load of lumber.

This yellow pine lumber boom continued before the once abundant pine forests became exhausted in the late 1920’s.

Because the Gulfport Harbor’s Port facilities extend up to now out on the pier in to the Mississippi Sound, much of the docking facilities, warehouses, automated unloading and launching systems, rail line spurs, and trailer pickup truck parking are not visible to motorists who are traveling along U.S. Highway 90.

But, if one takes the elevator to the very top of the Hancock Bank Building which is located at the corner of 14th St. and Mississippi MS Highway 49, a full view of the Gulfport Harbor can be viewed as well as the miles and miles of sugar-white sandy beaches that run along the entire Mississippi Gulf Coastline.  History of Gulfport video.

From its origin as a lumber center at the end of the 19th Century, From its origin as a lumber slot at the ultimate end of the 19th Century, Gulfport has evolved into a diverse city.  With approximately 7 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches along the Gulf coast of Mississippi, Gulfport is a tourism vacation destination due in large part to Mississippi’s Coast Casinos.  The Island View Casino is located in Gulfport on Beach Blvd. and overlooks the stunning Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Along the coast line are historic home sites, many hotels and motels that support the golfing and water tourist trade that make up a major sector of the economy.The Navy Development Battalion Hub is headquartered in Gulfport.  The Seebee’s rotate tours of duty overseas with their job at the Gulfport coastal base of operations. The Seebee’s rotate tours of duty with their assignment at the Gulfport coast base of procedures overseas.  This Seebee base is one of only two of its kind in America.  The United States Coast Guard has a station at the Gulfport Harbor.  Gulfport is also the home of the Mississippi National Guard In 1920, the U.S. Government acquired significant grouping of Spanish style structures that remain well preserved even today within the large Veteran’s Medical center facility.

Gulfport keeps growing after Hurricane Katrina still.  The downtown commercial center has been energized and highlights a great number of exceptional restaurants, shops and a exciting night life.   A lot of Gulfport’s economic growth is taking place along MS Highway 49 from Beach Blvd. and North to the Intersection of I-10.   Contributing to this growth includes the Gulfport High quality Factory Outlets shopping center at the intersection of I-10 and MS Highway 49.

Gulfport is also served by the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport Terminal which is centrally located close to the intersection of I-10 and MS Highway 49.

Gulfport has a lot to offer which include great deep-sea or freshwater angling, Gulfport has an entire lot to offer which includes great deep-sea or freshwater angling, a range of tournament golf courses, museums, historic sites, fantastic seafood restaurants,  and the exhilaration of 24-hour non-stop casino resorts, just to name a few.  Established against a backdrop of sugar-white sand beaches, the expense of high quality homes in Gulfport is remarkably competitive in comparison to other communities along the MS Gulf Coast.  Actually, Gulfport has one of the very most affordable urban housing markets in the whole Southern United States.
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Gulfport MS Home Sales

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